LEAP® (Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process)

leap logoOur process at Strategic Wealth Advisors Network is to first seek to understand then to be understood. We look at our client’s current financial holdings – all the different products and services that have been accumulated over the years – and input the details into a model that helps us to organize their holdings into a “financial blueprint.” If they were building a house, they would want to start with a blueprint to help visualize what they are building. The same can be said for a financial plan.

Using financial models, like LEAP, we create a blueprint that helps people see the big picture.

Next, we assess each part of the model to see if they have the right mix, if it is set up and performing correctly. We ask what changes or improvements are needed and what needs to be replaced to keep them on course with their goals.

Once we have completed the internal design, we look to see if everything is working together. For example, does the will work properly with the insurance policy? Does the retirement coordinate with the estate plan? Are things working together or are they disjointed and non-integrated?

Finally, we look at the third part of our process which is what we call external design, creating the most wealth for the future with the least amount of risk, lowering taxes, keeping money in motion so we create the best possible result while protecting against downside risk, such as taxes, inflation, and long term care.