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The Unfairly Maligned Whole Life Insurance

{2.24 minutes to read} This month, January 2017, our newsletter is going to focus in on the often maligned product of whole life insurance. Throughout my 33 years, I have seen how people have tried to acquire life insurance, and the one product that has worked for my clients over the years has been whole life insurance. The reason for that is the tremendous guarantees.

End-of-Year Planning

{2:12 minutes to read} As things change:
Taxes may change.
Laws may change.
Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security may change.
Tax rates may change.
Estate planning rules may change.

The National Student Loan Service Center

{5:48 minutes to read} I wanted to welcome John DiGregorio and Natalie Luongo from the National Student Loan Service Center (NSLSC). Recently, we got together so that I could interview them on the very important service the center provides.

A Long-Term Care Update

{2:06 minutes to read} In the world of long-term care, there always seems to be a change on the horizon. Genworth, the largest carrier of long-term care insurance in America, reported a very large single quarter loss last year. The insurance company has just agreed to be purchased by China Oceanwide for $2.7 billion. (The agreement is in place but has yet to be approved by regulators.)

Disability Claims

When someone has a disability policy and then becomes disabled, one of the most important things they need to do is properly complete the disability claim process and application. I urge all of my clients: When you become disabled, give me a call before processing and sending in the disability claim form. Let me allow you to take advantage of a process by which we’ll make sure you are properly filing your claim, because it is not just about your disability but it’s how you file the claim.