Michael and John Gassman talkingWith all the relationships that I have for my professional clients, brokers, advisers, and planners, my number one relationship is with the MassMutual Financial Group. I act as a brokerage director for MassMutual, helping brokers with their product line.

In cases where MassMutual is not a good fit, we’ll use Independent Life Brokerage to support our brokers.

In addition, I’ve worked with Bill Grimes and Associates to help advisers become more successful by learning about what holds them back. In the same way, I use a coaching program called Strategic Coach.

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MassMutual Financial Group

mass-mutualI want to introduce my relationship as a MassMutual Brokerage Director. Through MassMutual, which has been in business since 1860, we are able to provide our advisor clients the finest insurance products available in the marketplace.

Please click here to learn more about the products and services that you can get through MassMutual.

Independent Life Brokerage

Independent Life Brokerage is a full service brokerage general agency that allows me to offer to my broker clients a full range of insurance products when MassMutual is not a good fit for them.

Click here to learn more about Independent Life Brokerage.

Bill Grimes & Associates

bill-grimesHave you ever wondered why you hesitate to contact certain potential clients?

Have you felt your level of tension, stress or anxiety increase as you think of contacting certain individuals or organizations?

Have you experienced these same feelings when you ask for referrals?

Follow this link to learn how you are limiting yourself and the knowledge to overcome these beliefs that cause us to hesitate, procrastinate, and avoid doing the very things we must do to be successful in our work.

Strategic Coach

strategic-coachStrategic Coach is a coaching program that I have been involved in for a number of years, which has helped me grow my practice. I believe this is a good program to look into for any adviser who is looking to grow their practice.

Click here to download your free copy of “The 80% Approach” digital book and audio.