SWAN & You

Our experience is rooted in what we like to call a “Protection First Philosophy.”

What we provide to our independent broker clients:

  • Helping you become appointed as a broker
  • Guidance and assistance to you, in your preparing financial solutions for your clients
  • Support and help building your brokerage practice

We believe we have to have not only the experience & skill, but the confidence,
honorable motives, and commitment to our very personal relationships with our brokers, to provide what they need – when they need it.

Europe landscape from spaceIf we are looking at the ground we can confirm very quickly that the world is flat – we would be correct in one context.
But as we move away – like in a plane – we gain perspective and soon realize our initial belief is untrue.

At SWAN Wealth, we believe getting the right perspective is key to helping you plan for the future: We look at the whole picture of the financial world you live in and consider each part from a global, holistic (macro) perspective … Where most of the world lives in a micro-world perspective.

Then bringing in the globe that is the logo, which has the green of the earth and the blue of the sea, the Strategic Wealth Advisor Network looks at the whole picture. It’s a macro perspective, it’s the full holistic view of the financial world that we live in.