Michael and John Gassman talkingBelow are some of the organizations with which I have relationships in support of my clients’ needs. To provide the full range of all investment products that are available, I deal through a fully independent broker dealer, American Portfolios. For investment advice and money management, I work with G & G Planning Concepts.

In addition, I use and recommend the coaching program available through Strategic Coach. This program will help entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals who are interested in growing their businesses.

American Portfoliosamerican portfolio

American Portfolios is a fully independent broker dealer that allows me to offer my clients a full portfolio of the finest investment services and products available in the marketplace.

G&G Planning Concepts

G&G Planning ConceptsG&G Planning Concepts is a registered investment advisory program and corporation that allows us to offer financial planning, tax services, estate planning, and money management. We have a team of people dedicated to managing money for our clients.

Strategic Coach

tsc_logo_color_1.125 [Converted]Strategic Coach is a coaching program that I have been involved in for a number of years, which has helped me grow my practice. I believe this is a good program to look into for any adviser who is looking to grow their practice.

You can download a free copy of “The 80% Approach” digital book and audio here.