SWAN Can Help Business Owners

Vector blue glossy icon.Business owners are often faced with challenges in designing their medical insurance plans, their 401(k)s, etc. These are huge cost items for companies, business owners and chief financial officers. At Strategic Wealth Advisors Network, we work with the company’s objectives and design plans to find cost effective solutions.

In the 401(k) world, we have seen tremendous changes in the costs of plans. Recently we visited a company where we were able to give them the same investment features as the existing 401(k) and at the same time, lower the costs of their plan by approximately 50%.

How did we do that? We did it by lowering the asset management fees and the commissions that we take. Sometimes people are blindly keeping their plans the same when there is more aggressive pricing available.

Similarly, in the medical insurance world, we work with all carriers to design the best and most efficient plans. There are many different ways to create strategies and design plans that enable our clients to reduce costs and get the best result for their family.

While the Affordable Care Act has threatened huge fines on businesses, Strategic Wealth Advisors Network helps you stay compliant. Our experts offer new products that others never think of; solutions that save you money and make your employees happier.

Concept- secure(protect) company corporate employees or executivOur aggregated negotiating power and relationships mean better plans, better pricing, better problem solving, and ultimately, better outcomes. The larger you are, the more you can save on the costs of your benefits. Some solutions provide little or no costs for a full functioning cloud-based HR system that allows you to track and manage your employees information electronically, run reports and provide 24/7 service.

Renewal time can mean headaches. We pride ourselves on being on top of things, reviewing client situations as new products and legislation change the landscape each and every year. At SWAN service is number one.

When it comes to employee benefits, whether it be 401(k), group medical insurance, or executive compensation plans, SWAN can help. Give us a call and we’ll set up a no cost, no obligation consultation to see if we can save you money, or improve the quality of your products and services.